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Question: are you presently glamorous enough for a rich man to fund the latest priviledge from matchmaking your?

We have PCOS who may have merely occur during the last 4/five years. We have dipped with the the world just like the 18 (now twenty five) thus i involve some experience.

However: with PCOS this means I have excess hair and you can being overweight. These materials are in balance (although not something you could cure) in which I bundle in 2022 to a target.

My real question is: are proportions and bodily elegance the most important thing a great SD/SM pick? Also commonly with this disorder put anyone regarding?

Polycystic ovary problem (PCOS) is a condition in that ovaries write an abnormal matter off androgens, men gender hormones which can be always within ladies in short quantity

Ps. I really do have a guy which I could possibly be conference in the January you never know in the my updates etc therefore i discover Only a few glucose daddies usually refuse me.