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Melissa requires it so you’re able to indicate that Rachel likes the girl back

Cecilia Munroe

Cecilia Munroe (Susan Sarandon): a celebrity who portrays Jessica Lockhart toward Days of Our lives. Inside the Times of our life, Jessica becomes deceased, and you can Drake Ramoray, starred by Joey, will get the lady attention, thus they can wake up regarding their coma, an operation Ross requires issue with into scientific foundation. [elizabeth 77] Jessica try fabled for putting drinks at anyone and you may slapping them. Their ded Frederick, away from who she failed to accept. She is thrown away from a horse and you will to an electronic barrier, any sort of accident arranged by the Frederick and you can Dina.

Once handing over the new role out-of Jessica Lockhart so you can Joey, Cecilia Munroe rests having Joey resulting in small hysteria having Rachel and you can Monica, who they are both large admirers out of Days. She up coming requires a job from inside the Mexico, ultimately causing the lady and you will Joey splitting up and her disappearance of the brand new show. Susan’s real-life girl played Jessica’s child from the occurrence.

Melissa Warburton

Melissa Warburton (Winona Ryder): certainly one of Rachel’s sorority sisters inside college. In their elder season, Melissa and you can Rachel visited the newest Sigma Chi luau sporting coconut bikinis-and you may, immediately following sipping extreme sangria, went back towards house and wound up kissing. Melissa fell so in love with Rachel and not forgot one evening, but Rachel never ever saw it any other thing more than just a wild college sense. [elizabeth 78] Rachel runs into Melissa inside Central Perk and so they date in order to dining. When Rachel faces Melissa towards kiss, she pretends to have no memory from it ever before going on because the she doesn’t consider Rachel will come back this lady love.