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She temporarily becomes deceased but is brought back out-of a true love by Henry

Whenever Henry learns the fresh new page on the book that shows Emma’s cardiovascular system could make their healthier, not just can it embolden Emma, they avoided Fiona from crushing they, however, Fiona nonetheless tells this lady the battle continues to be towards the. On big day, Emma and you will Connect ultimately wed simply as time passes toward ebony clouds to release a unique curse that can install the last competition. Ultimately Emma defeats the new Black Fairy and her controlled grandson. Soon after, men and women are lifestyle a happy life rather than chaos and you will crisis.

Several years have remaining because of the and Henry is going to leave home to obtain their own tale. Emma was unwilling to help your pursue with missing very most of their childhood on account of this lady collection of giving your up. She says to the woman spouse one to she is scared you to definitely she may well not get a moment possibility at the motherhood but he reassures this lady. A whole lot more decades because of the, whenever a going Henry has grown up-and needs their family members’ help, the guy gets they away from their adoptive mom, stepfather, and soon, his birth mommy. Emma reveals to Henry one she’s expecting along with Link maybe not make sure he understands because she try worried however go back from his excursion for her sake, however, their first child is happy. Emma and you will Killian upcoming go back to Storybrooke.

A while within this, Emma gets beginning so you’re able to the lady and Killian’s infant de Promise. The woman is shown arriving later along with her husband in addition to their daughter to help grizzly log in you Regina’s coronation of becoming the good King. Along with her man, daughter-in-legislation, and you can grandchild Lucy, Emma congratulates Regina on her behalf pleased beginning since Regina offers a keen eulogy.