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The man you to definitely decided not to agree to a beneficial „relationship” is also invest in a wedding

Renee, clearly he is wasn’t a connection phobic. He had been, although not, unable and you may unwilling to invest in you. In my opinion you saw new red flags and you will chose to disregard him or her. You additionally had an abdomen instinct and you may chose to forget that. It appears as opposed to address the difficulties of one’s relationship initial having him,your chose to getting manipulative from the conclude they and assured the guy do miss your. Very as to the I will assemble, you went together for 5 decades during the a romance the place you werent totally found or your needs came across. In lieu of in assertion and you can moving forward the fresh fault on to him from the thinking he had been a beneficial committmeny phobe, asl on your own precisely why you stayed in a romance in which you was indeed handled defectively. And you can do you really genuinely wish to end up being marrying a man that have cheated you for years?