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The individual she thought is a suitable date ended up to feel homosexual

Of Gabi’s conversion regarding a beneficial „sweet lady” in order to creating awful things, Banus told you „anything I do believe are getting in Gabi’s lead you to definitely no-one reaches come across”. The latest celebrity who have to experience the newest „black side of Gabi” paid Ariana’s death while the reason having Gabi’s existence supposed down hill. [10] The celebrity sent a contact so you’re able to admirers, „I want to let them know to be diligent beside me. The lady it after understood can come back seekingarrangement.” [10] The latest Gabi is actually also known as „obsessive and you will crazy” and just have „manipulative” and you can „psycho”, hence obtained flack out of fans. Banus confessed so you’re able to viewing the newest backlash for the [11] [14]

Connection with Chad DiMera

Since role had been getting depicted from the Rodriguez, Gabi got a short love which have Chad DiMera (Casey Jon Deidrick). Although not, Chad remaining the girl to own [2] She thought that the relationship had potential, just like the Gabi nonetheless „could have a tiny thing to possess your”. [2]

Inside , the brand new relationship are lso are-went along to in a plot hence Deidrick felt that new editors fell its temporary prior, and „You would can’t say for sure one occurred if perhaps you were tuning into the Months for the first time today.” [14] Gabi and Chad turned „superstar habits” since the new confronts of Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics . So it integrated good „passionate advertising promotion”, and this Banus called her or him which have „no dresses plus they are leaking wet. It is quite intense.” [14] [15] Yet not, Chad was a student in a loyal experience of Melanie Jonas ( [15] On-Sky With the-Detergents penned: „So have a tendency to it become an incident from fatal appeal?